The day when chaos visited my home – A customer story


Everyone moves on. One day, my fabulous and faithful cleaner of many years announced that she was moving back to her home country. My heart sank and I knew that a tsunami of chaos was about hit my normally pristine and orderly home. I needed a quick solution but I knew that finding a trusted replacement was not going to be an easy task.

My first port of call was to ask my friends and neighbours if they could recommend a good cleaner. Some were not terribly complementary about their current cleaners but one of my friend’s cleaners sounded like the perfect solution. Unfortunately, she was fully booked. I suspected that this might be the case for the very best cleaners.

Next, I turned to the traditional cleaning agents. They came to my place and gave me an estimate of the time required and likely cost (which was much more than my previous cleaner). They sent me a cleaner from a pool of cleaners that they manage. Whilst I was paying more than before the quality of cleaning was very poor and it seemed to me that the cleaner was doing the bare minimum. When I made some enquiries, I discovered the reasons why. Firstly, they were sending different cleaners to my home to suit their schedules so that there was no continuity or consistency. Every time I got a new cleaner, it was starting from scratch because my instructions were ignored. From talking to one of the cleaners, I found out that the agency was taking 40% of their hourly rate so that they only getting £6-7 per hour. No wonder they were so demotivated!!

Next, I tried the online booking agency websites. This looked really cool and simple. I duly entered my post code and requirements and selected my preferred date and time. In a few clicks I was entering my credit card details to pay. But what was I paying for? Who would turn up at my home and what would they be like? I was given no choice so an unknown stranger would turn up at my home. The website made big promises but they didn’t deliver. I experienced the same problems as with the agencies – substandard cleaning from unmotivated and inexperienced cleaners.

All I wanted was a trustworthy and reliable cleaner that would provide a consistent service and look after my place. It seemed clear that the best cleaners worked independently and did not work for agencies or online platforms. But how do you find them? How hard can this be!!

Then I tried TidyChoice. And it was really different. TidyChoice is where you can find and book your ideal cleaner online. Unlike any of the other options, I was in  control and could browse and select from the very best independent cleaners (all of whom are fully vetted and referenced checked). The booking process was simple and I could choose and interact directly with the cleaner. TidyChoice does not take a percentage of the cleaner’s income so they get a fair deal and are not demotivated. TidyChoice uses technology to optimise their travel time and availability and provides them with work tools. Happy cleaners provide the best service.

Thanks to TidyChoice I now have a regular, reliable cleaner that I can totally trust. No more chaos and aggravation! TidyChoice rules!!