Cleaning up London

These children drive me crazy during Christmas!


Angelical faces all over the house… Can we make sure angels stay lovely  and clean during the whole holiday?

Removing seasonal stains

Christmas is an exciting time for the kids and with so many of them running around it is inevitable that they will some spills and accidents. Here are some of our favourite tips to remove stains.

  • For Christmas tree sap, use milk or mayonnaise to remove it from skin and methylated spirits to remove it from clothing and carpets
  • For chewing gum on clothes, place the clothes in the freezer until the gum is hard so it can be easily prised off the fabric
  • The key to removing wax is to harden it (with ice) and chip it off, then soften the remainder (with an iron) and melt it off. Methylated spirits will remove any residual marks on fabric.