Communications: the most important skill to keep customers happy


What can make customers so annoyed with outstanding professionals to actually stop hiring them? Lack of communications

Keeping cordial, regular and relevant communications directly with customers is the key to having a long lasting professional relationship with them. Customers are usually understanding about unexpected changes of schedule and daily personal challenges. They will accommodate changes as long as they are duly informed.

When in doubt, it is always better to give your customers a call or send them a text when you must cancel last minute, even when you have not worked from them yet. TidyChoice’s statistics, after overseeing so many bookings, tell us that customers are happy to reschedule the appointment. At the end of the day, they have booked you specifically because they feel you are the most suitable option for them.

Situations any professional with good communications avoid

Losing a regular job:

A professional who had accepted a weekly job cancelled the first session one day before it was due. The customer received the email warning but could not get hold of her. He called TidyChoice for guidance. We tried to call the cleaner, unsuccessfully. By the time TidyChoice managed to speak with the cleaner, the customer had decided to book somebody else. The customer really wanted her, she could have kept this customer.

Missing out on repetitive regular once bookings:

One of TidyChoice’s housekeepers had neglected her calendar and one customer that had booked her several times before and liked her very much booked her at a time she was no longer available. She did neither confirmed the booking nor answered to TidyChoice’s or the customers calls, texts or emails. At the end, out of frustration the customer gave up and decided to try somebody else. This housekeeper lost a loyal customer.

These two real cases exemplify the multiple opportunities that are missed for not sending an sms, or not making a call in the right time.

TidyChoice’s website sends automatic emails and SMS, so that customers and housekeepers are always updated on the status of things. However, nothing beats reaching out to customers directly. They have hired you because they liked your profile and they will appreciate it.