Domestic Cleaning: The Gender Gap


How much cleaning have you done in your lifetime? Think about how much time you could get back when you find a professional home cleaner that’s right for you…

Although we’d all like to think that we have evolved into a world of gender equality, recent household cleaning statistics suggest otherwise. According to the Daily Mail, women spend over a year and a half of their life (12,896 hours) cleaning, tidying and maintaining their home. Men, on the other hand, get away with dedicating only half of that time (6,448 hours) to household chores. These figures should be no surprise given that 20% of men admit to never having thoroughly cleaned their home and 16% admit to leaving household responsibilities to their partners. Nevertheless, these statistics are frightening! Especially given the facts about UK homes covered in our previous blog post. As a nation, we need to change the way we approach domestic cleaning.

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