Easy tricks for easy cleaning


We all hate a messy house – dirty dishes, unwanted clutter, sticky surfaces and overflowing rubbish. When it comes to maintaining your home on a busy work schedule, we do not always have time to clean. So how do we avoid turning our house from a pristine palace to an unbearable mess during a busy time?

We have put together ten easy tricks to help you keep your house to a high standard:

  • Easy clean shower hack: You might think this is silly, but when you have finished showering, give the tiles a quick scrub – it will drastically cut down on soap scum build up. Otherwise, it makes it even harder to clean when they dry.

  • Cleaning your microwave: Place a bowl filled with water and vinegar in your microwave and heat on high for ten minutes. The moisture will steam the food remnants, making it so easy to wipe your microwave clean.

  • Wonderful scent: Keep your bathroom smelling fresh by dripping a few drops of essential oil on the inside of your toilet paper roll. Just an idea.

  • Clean sofa: If your sofa isn’t as fresh as it used to be, don’t go to Amazon straight away. Give it a quick clean with baking soda — especially when dealing with milk-dribbled baby stains.

  • Use your peels: Toss lemon or orange peels down the drain and use them to clean your garbage disposal. Along with sharpening the blades, it will refresh your drain.

  • Rubbish help: Store extra rubbish bags at the bottom of your rubbish bin. This way you’ll have a fresh one waiting every time you take out the trash on the way out.

  • Toilet cleanse – keeping the toilet clean can be a disgusting job. Remove the hassle and pour a bit of cleaning chemical in the water dispenser and voilà! Clean toilet after every wash without the horrible smell.

  • Quick dry: Speed up dryer time by tossing a dry towel in with the wet clothes. The towel absorbs moisture from the wet clothes, cutting time needed in the dryer — saving you time and money.

  • Shower head fix: Keep your shower head in perfect shape with the help of everyone’s favourites – the baking soda and vinegar. This DIY is so easy, and leaves your shower head free of hard-water clogs (and prevents long term damage, too).

  • Refresh plastic containers: Fill your stained plastic containers with water and a squirt of dish soap. Let it sit until it absorbs the smell and grease and then rinse off. Simple enough isn’t it?

These simple tricks will help you maintain your home and your things at a good standard during your busy week. However, there is always a regular need to fight the mess build-up and hard-to-clean areas.  Booking a cleaning professional, such as the ones TidyChoice vet, will guarantee that the most challenging household tasks are done with at an affordable price.

Booking the services of trusted professionals like TidyChoice will secure time for yourself so you can feel recharged for the following busy day. No more coming home to a messy place, feeling exhausted.  Simply pick a cleaner that is right for you and enjoy a tidy, sparkling, and serene home with more free time.