Families stay sane thanks to their multi-skilled cleaner


A survey by Churchill Insurance conducted a few years ago, showed that thousands of UK families cannot run without home help. Of the 2,000 families surveyed, a third admitted that they simply don’t have time to look after their own homes and gardens. With millions working long hours, domestic help is increasingly seen as a necessity to ensure a good work-life balance.

Juggling a career and family life while keeping a lovely home is difficult without someone to assist with daily housekeeping duties. Therefore, finding a trusted housekeeper could be the secret to a more harmonious life.

The biggest challenge for householders is finding someone trustworthy that can do all the tasks they require. Many families want help beyond just weekly or fortnightly home cleaning. They want more support during the week for household chores such as laundry, ironing, food shopping and babysitting.

They also need someone who is available and affordable. The strategy of many families is to hire a multi-skilled person, initially just for home cleaning. When a trusted relationship has been established, they evaluate if that person can then be given more responsibilities and eventually hire her for longer.