How to find London’s best cleaners


London’s thriving economy draws people from all around the world seeking work and a better life. Domestic cleaning is an attractive option for those seeking flexible working hours and London has an army of around 80,000 experienced, hard-working, self-employed domestic cleaners. Still, most Londoners still find it hard to find a good cleaner. So what are the options? There are two broad alternatives: Hire directly or use an agency.

Hiring directly is the best option but finding your ideal cleaner is not easy

By engaging a trusted and recommended cleaner directly, you ensure that you get a personal and bespoke service. To find a cleaner directly, asking friends, neighbours or colleagues is the usual starting point. If this draws a blank, you can search online job bulletin boards or subscribe to online search services. Using these websites has two major drawbacks. Firstly, it costs time and money. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, you do not get the word-of-mouth customer recommendations and reassurance that you would get through your personal network.

Using agencies can be a lottery

For any given London postcode, there are literally hundreds of agencies providing domestic cleaning services. Most are full service cleaning companies that take responsibility should anything go wrong. To sort out which agencies are trustworthy and good is no easy task. In addition, it is impossible to know who your cleaner will be in advance and if they are any good. A number of online cleaning agencies have sprung up in recent years vying to create a leading brand in the sector. Whilst their slick websites can show off their credentials and enable online payments, their service has the same disadvantages as the traditional agencies. Ultimately, domestic cleaning is a personal service delivered by individuals which make it hard to standardise and commoditise. Every customer and cleaner is different so promises made on websites are hard to keep.

The TidyChoice solution

Tidychoice combines the best aspects of hiring cleaners directly and through agencies whilst overcoming their respective disadvantages. People who prefer to hire directly can browse and choose online from a network of fully vetted, local cleaners. Customers can rely on independently verified customer reviews. People who prefer using agencies can have the same advantages of a company guaranteeing satisfaction but with the added bonus of being able to choose your preferred cleaner.