Our Homes: The Dirty Truth


How clean do you think you are? Prepare yourselves for the less than tidy reality and consider professional home cleaning services…

Recent research conducted by Rug Doctor has revealed shocking truths about the cleanliness of our homes. A survey distributed to thousands of UK homeowners, indicates that although a whopping 90% of the population have carpeted homes, 44% people have never deep-cleaned their carpet. Alongside the survey, they swabbed 30 carpets to get some idea of what exactly gets under our rugs. The results were horrifying; they found traces of just about everything, ranging from human and animal faeces to pneumonia and E coli. Many of these bacteria have been carried into homes through shoes, which are then left to fester in carpets that have been neglected for far too long.

Despite people becoming aware of these horrors, 41% still have no intention of removing their footwear when they enter their homes. Paul Fildes from Rug Doctor is “urging the nation to dramatically improve the quality of their home environment for both themselves and their families and think about deep cleaning their carpets to grime-bust the hidden nasties that lurk beneath”.

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