5 unlikely scenarios where you need a clean house


At TidyChoice we understand that maintaining a clean house is not always possible. With the prospect of Brexit, the Trump vs Hilary debacle, and the break-up of Brangelina –  sometimes maintaining a clean house skips the mind. Here are 5 very unlikely scenarios where you should always have a clean house.

Britain’s Indian Summer

Do not let Britain’s recent Indian summer fool you, beautiful sunny days are a rarity and should be treasured. In the unlikely event that the weather remains mercifully good, having to stay inside and clean is downright cruel. Book a cleaner with TidyChoice and save yourselves from this hassle.

Brad Pitt knocking on your door


You know that Brangelina have broken-up, but what you don’t know is that Brad has flown across from LA and is now anxiously standing on your doorstep. After quelling your nerves, you realise that he might be looking for some comforting. However, is a messy house that reflects the state of his life really going impress him?

Boss coming over for dinner

We have all heard the comedic story of a boss turning up to their employee’s house for dinner. It is all good fun until that person is you. You only have a few hours left to prepare and the house is not in a state to get you that next promotion. If only you had called TidyChoice, we would have ensured that you became CEO by Monday.

Car breaking down

If your car engine is anything like Lewis Hamilton’s, you should expect it to breakdown very soon. Your car has been towed, left to be repaired at the garage, and now you are returning home to a cluttered house. If only you had called TidyChoice, we would have made sure that your day would have been slightly less terrible.

Dust Cloud

Your oldest and dearest friends are coming to visit. You cannot wait to see them, but it has been so long, you want to leave a positive impression. However, a monstrous dust cloud has hit London and you unfortunately left your window open. You have work and do not have the time to clean up this huge mess – why not contact TidyChoice?


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