A handful of simple tips to help with the kids!


Having a clean house feels great and it can make life a lot easier too. But when kids are around, it’s certainly difficult to keep your house tidy! We all know children aren’t the tidiest of things and it can be very tiring having to always clean up after them! We have managed to gather some ideas from the internet that might help you with the cleaning process! Comment below with your tips and tricks and get involved!

Routines are great!

According to Andrea Reiser, an American parenting-blogger, children love to help out and often feel pride in their achievements. This can actually really help when cleaning up. If you allow them to recognise that tidying up is an important piece to a smooth family life, you can then try and start a simple routine so they can help! Our trustworthy housekeeper from Fulham says this can be simple things like putting toys back in the box after they’ve finished with it or putting the place mats away after dinner. Eventually, they’ll learn that these things happen on a daily basis, and could lead to a tidier environment!

Follow my lead!

Sometimes kids get confused with what we ask them. It is suggested by academics that parents demonstrate what they want them to do in order for them to learn the process and repeat it! Our reliable housecleaner based in Notting Hill says that simple things like washing dishes or vacuuming are great places to start with.

Organise their life!

It is said that kids need a structure to feel most comfortable. If they have clear designated areas to store toys, your children are likely to put them back more easily (and also find the toys they’re looking for a lot quicker too!).

Finally, make it fun!

Do something that will make chores fun! Having a chore chart can be rather demotivating for kids. Try bumping up your job game more and introduce some incentives! Andrea Reiser says her kids were excited for the Winer Olympics and so they were encouraged to earn medals themselves by doing jobs around the house and for good behaviour. When they gathered a number of medals they traded them in for a gift card to the local bookstore. For Andrea, it became a great positive reinforcement project that she kept on! Have a look online, there are some great ideas out there to make jobs fun!

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