Cleaning up London

A Summer in London


British summers are very temperamental, I think we all know that. But recently, England has been struck with a heatwave that has undoubtedly left us in a bit of a fluster. I can’t remember the last time it was this hot! We know cleaning isn’t the best of duties, especially in the middle of Summer! We found some tips and tricks online that may help you with your summerly chores! Alternatively, have a look at TidyChoice for independent cleaners, where they are reviewed by the public for you!


While you may have your citrus fruit in your water to quench your thirst, use your left overs to clean fixtures! One example of using your citrus fruit is to rub half a lemon over your steel faucets then wipe it off with a microfibre cloth. You can do this in replacement to your other faucet-cleaning products, it may be cheaper and it will help the environment!

The Grill

We hope this summer most people will be able to have a barbecue. It is the perfect timing. One annoying this about them is the aftermath. The grime stuck on the grill. It’s a pain to get off sometimes! If this is your problem, try using a wire brush to scrub it down whilst the grill is still warm, rather than letting it cool down. You may have a better chance of cleaning it. Potentially, you could also use oven cleaner (in a well vented area) to aid your grime-busting time.


If your coffee table has watermarks due to the kids not using the coasters in front of them, this little trick is supposed to help. Apply full fat mayonnaise to the watermark and leave it for an hour before wiping it off. Let us know if this actually works!!


Citrus fruit to the rescue (again)! Use a citrus-based furniture polish on your furniture as it can actually repel finger marks! Great for when you have children!

Smelly Washing Machines

In Summer, our washing machines can smell a bit if they are in a warm room. Put the machine on for an empty cycle, with detergent and on a hot setting. Afterwards, keep the door open so it has air circulating.


This is for those who love a paddle or a swim in their new, best, swimming costume. To try and retain your swimwear from fading, rinse them in water soon afterwards so it can remove most of the chlorine, salt, as well as body oils, which all can damage the material and make it look faded. But don’t wring them out! It will damage the elastic in your clothing which could lead to some disasters…

Swimming Pool Toys

Floats, rubber rings and everything else you throw in the pool all need cleaning too! But with what, you might ask? Applying vinegar to a paper towel actually works wonders to disinfect and clean pool equipment. A lot better than having dirty toys or toys cleaned with harsh chemicals!