A Visit to the Palace!


Every Summer, Buckingham Palace opens up its State Rooms to the public. This year is no exception and will be hosting the event from 23rd of July all the way to October 2016. Although it would be absolutely amazing to see the queen, we don’t think she will be there to offer you a cup of tea. But you will be able to see nineteen State Rooms! All of the rooms are encompassed with the Royal Collections of gifts and treasures from across the globe, and across the years.

Not only will you explore the State Rooms, but your ticket also grants you entry to Fashioning a Reign: 90 Years of Style from the Queens Wardrobe! This event expresses how the Queen reigned the country through her fashion pieces, which would be fantastic to see! Both her Wedding Dress and Coronation Dress will be on show for the first time ever!

Now here’s a question: How many cleaners does it take to clean Buckingham Palace?! We think it is quite a great number.