Breaking Bad (Habits) – Home Edition


January is the start of a fresh year, a time to be carving out new resolutions and breaking bad habits. In honour of this, here at TidyChoice HQ we’ve listed 3 common habits you should break right now for a cleaner, brighter 2016!

Bad habit 1 – Not cleaning your bath/shower sponges

Okay, many of us overlook this one, but leaving bath loofahs, poufs or sponges out in the bathroom after use is an absolute no-no. According to Dr Piliang of Cleveland Clinic, this only serves to harvest all that bacteria which thrives in moist, warm conditions. You should instead hang them in a cool, dry place and put them in the washing machine regularly. It’s advisable to replace bath sponges and natural loofahs every month and plastic loofahs every 2 months.


Bad habit 2 – Not changing the bed sheets regularly

Sometimes we might forget to change our sheets every now and again but at what cost? Not only do we sweat in our sleep, but other dirt, dust and oils become embedded in the linen which serves to attract dust mites – these creepy creatures are often allergens and can even cause acne breakouts. Change those sheets once a week for sweeter dreams (I think we all knew that one deep down…)


 Bad habit 3 – Not changing your vacuum cleaner bag until it is full

With regular vacuuming it does not take long to fill up a vacuum bag. Vacuuming with a full bag means your device can have a difficult time picking dirt up, rendering it a poor cleaning session and an overall waste of time. It can even start throwing back out the built up dirt! Ain’t nobody got time for that in 2016! The best way to avoid this tedious headache is to check the bag after a few cleans and change it when it is about 3/4 full.

We can all forget to replace bad habits with good ones at times. Book a trusted professional cleaner through TidyChoice so you can relax, with more free time to focus on those other resolutions! You can select a cleaner who is right for you, meaning you can enjoy a beautiful tidy house, your way. Is there any better cure to banish the January blues?