How to clean up after Halloween


Cleaning can sometimes feel like a nightmare, with messy situations that will send shivers down your spine. After Halloween, when children have left their half-eaten candy in unimaginable places, the prospect of cleaning can be haunting. But don’t get scared, because here at TidyChoice we have fang-tastic solutions to aid you in your cleaning horrors.


Despite being your best-friend when you are in need of comfort, chocolate to clean up can be a blood-curdling experience. After Halloween you may find your living-room strewn with sticky remnants of unpopular chocolates like Bounty and Galaxy Caramel. If you want help cleaning up this mess, follow our tidy instructions.

First, allow the chocolate to harden. This may sound counterintuitive, but removing hardened chocolate is much easier than cleaning it when it is sticky. Next, after picking away as much chocolate as you can, treat the stain with dishwasher liquid and water. Blot-out the stain using a light-coloured cloth and then use one tablespoon of enzyme laundry detergent mixed with water. To finish this cleaning process be sure to stab a stake through whatever piece of clothing or furniture you are cleaning.


Hopefully this mess hasn’t been caused by children. If you have a wine stain, first apply salt which should turn it to a pink colour. Next, soak the stain in cold water with enzyme detergent and leave it overnight. If this doesn’t work, grab a neighbour’s black cat and rub it against the stain. If the wine comes off easily, pour a bucket of water over yourself, because you must be a witch!


If you want to clean-up a pumpkin-related mess, you are not in luck. First you must travel to your nearest bonfire and throw two prized possessions into it. After that, you must learn a magic trick and perform it to neighbours on your street. Finally, you can use some dishwashing liquid and water to clean the remaining mess. You can avoid this whole debacle by placing newspaper underneath the pumpkin beforehand.

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