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3 Tricks to manage Summer


Schools’s out, that means chaos in the house. It’s not easy having a full time job and making sure your kids are well looked after too.

Here are some tips and trick from us to help you out this summer.

  • Schedule Everything! Looking after children is one aspect of life where spontaneity is probably not the best of ideas. It leads to last minute rushes to the supermarket, laundry piling up and sometimes even unhealthy dinners! So, spend some time on Sunday to plan out your week. It’ll surely keep things running on a schedule.

  • Have your kids do something Fun! While it’s quite easy to think that time off from school, should be just that..TIME OFF! Engaging in productive activities around their areas of interest will help children develop skills for the upcoming year. So, get them to read a book, play a sport or go to summer camp. After all, “An idle brain is the devils workshop!”

  • Spend quality time with the kids! During the school year, it gets hard to spend quality time with the children. Your schedule and theirs simply doesn’t match. However, now is the time to bring out the monopoly board and see who’s champion. Carving out time for activities such as these results in the solidification of the bond between family members.

Lastly, don’t forget to take out time for yourself. Between work, spending time with children and paying the bills, don’t be shy and reach for that book you’ve been meaning to read! It is Summer after all, how often can you say that!