Back to School: Get your homework done!


Summer’s almost over…hang up the flip flops…It’s back to school!

School’s about to open and there’s a rush to get everything sorted. Buying stationary, clothes and bags, getting ready for the first day is quite a nerve racking experience. On top of all that, it’s worrisome, thinking about how to get the children to do their homework!

In these times of peril, we have a few tips to help you solve that last problem!

  • Rely on Routines! This is one of the best ways to make sure that children do not skip their homework. Avoid the nightly conflicts by setting up a dedicated time for homework during which, the TV’s off and the books are open! However, remember older children need some flexibility in terms of timing as they have heavier workloads! So be mindful of that.
  • Establish a Homework Centre! The old days of a desk facing the wall, with nothing but pen and paper on it are gone. The rise of technology means that children nowadays need access to computers, tablets and printers! So, look for a well-lit place in your house with access to the media required. Keep your child’s preferences in mind or simply ask them…the important part is that there is a designated place to get homework done!
  • Give Your Child Responsibility! Children tend to get more done if they’re in charge. Some children might find music helpful while studying, others prefer complete silence. Trust that your children know what’s best for them! However, give some thought to how you’ll monitor their progress to ensure that they’re on the right track!