Cleaning hacks for kids


Cleaning your home is a hassle already, and cleaning the mess created by your kids just adds on to the existing pile of cleaning you need to do. How about getting your kids involved?

Here are 4 simple hacks, brought to you by our specialist cleaners in Bethnal Green and our experienced housekeepers in Haggerston, to make cleaning fun and simple for your kids.

Make it a game

Everything can be turned into a game for kids. Let them treat cleaning as a game too. Use a timer and get them to race against time and see who cleans their toys the quickest. It is a simple yet an effective hack.

Use socks to clean

A way of getting your kids involved in cleaning can be by putting socks on their hands and letting them play about all over your home. Every household has the case of lost socks, so unless you’ve managed to solve this mystery, letting your kids clean with the odd socks can be a fun way of recycling and cleaning at the same time.

Donate to charity

It is sometimes important to take the time out to show your kids the importance of giving. So ask your kids to take out some of the clothes from their cupboard which they no longer use and which they can give away to charity. This way the kids create space in their cupboard and learn to be kind to others by an act of charity.

Clean the artistic walls

Kids enjoy painting and you sometimes get to see their creativity on the walls of your home. They love to paint and draw, not just on paper, but on every possible surface they can get their hands on, it could be paper, the floor, the walls or sometimes even themselves. Walls can be the toughest to clean. So, how about getting your kids involved here too? Teaching them to clean up their own mess will be the best investment of your time in the long run. Provide them with baking soda and a damp sponge to remove the colour and for permanent markers, rubbing alcohol should do the trick. If they are not completely successful, you can always reach out to TidyChoice for your professional cleaners.


So these were the 4 quick hacks you could use to get your kids involved in cleaning, making it fun and enjoyable for the kids and quick and easy for you.