Don’t clean on Lunar New Year! (and other quirky Lunar New Year traditions)


London has just experienced one of its most festive weekends filled with firecrackers, lanterns, lion dances, and lots and lots of Chinese food. What is the special occasion you may ask? It is of course, none other than Lunar New Year!

With celebrations happening all around the world, people are getting increasingly familiar with the stories and legends behind this tradition. However, in many households, the New Year is also filled with superstition and taboos, which are strictly observed in hopes of receiving good fortune for the rest of the year. A few of the most surprising ones include:

1. Don’t clean on New Year’s Day

House cleaning should be done before New Year, making sure to clean the whole entire house. On the day itself, all cleaning equipment such as dustpans, brooms, and mops need to be stored away. It is believed that sweeping the dust out might sweep away all the good fortune for the year.

2. Don’t wash hair

One less thing to do! In Mandarin, there is similar pronunciation between the word “hair” and the term “to become wealthy”. Hence, people avoid washing their hair on New Year’s Day as it may be interpreted as ‘washing their fortunes away’.

 3. Don’t use scissors or knives

The use of these objects might cut off fortune that you were set to receive in the next year. Apart from that, accidents need to be avoided on the special day as it may lead to inauspicious things, including the depletion of wealth.

 4. Welcoming the year

As the midnight bell chimes on New Year’s, all the doors and windows in the house should be opened to expel the old and welcome the new.


Have you broken any of these taboos during the New Year? Not to worry, because the true spirit of Lunar New Year ultimately lies in the act of being together with close friends and family and sharing the love.

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Here at TidyChoice, we want to wish everyone a happy Lunar New Year and may this year of the Rooster be filled with fortune and happiness!

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