Cleaning up London

Housekeeper of the week 28 Oct 2017

  • Language: English, Romanian 
  • Services: Cleaning and Housekeeping 
  • Characteristics: Trustworthy, Reliable, Professional 
  • Location: Walthamstow, Woodford, Harringay, Stoke Newington 

Congratulations to Mirela- our house cleaner of the week! Mirela has lived in London for 3 years and is a meticulous cleaning professional. In her free time, Mirela enjoys spending time with family and exploring the outdoors. She is a great choice if you are looking for either a laundry service in Harringay or a window clean in Stoke Newington

Have a look at what her clients say about her:

"Mirela is very good in what she is doing as a cleaner. I’m very happy with her job."


If you want to learn more about Mirela, take at look at her profile on our website.