Cleaning up London

housekeeper of the week 24 Oct 2017


  • Language: English
  • Services: Cleaning, Housekeeping and Childcare 
  • Characteristics: Hardworking, Reliable, Trustworthy 
  • Location: Fulham, Hammersmith, Chelsea, Kensington

Congratulations to Vangie, our Housekeeper of the week! Vangie is originally from the Philippines however has lived in London for 6 years. With over 20 years of experience, Vangie is a great choice if you are looking for a professional cleaner in Fulham or a deep clean in Hammersmith! 

Here is what some of her clients had to say about her:

"I found Vangie to be an extremely hardworking, reliable and enthusiastic individual. I could personally vouch for her in any domestic role, she will be perfect."

"Vangie is professional and discreet and has always displayed a high level of initiative when carrying out her work. She carried out every task with care and precision and was a pleasure to have around the house. "

If you would like to make a booking with Vangie, check out her profile on our website!