How the Avengers are using their powers to clean



Tony Stark is known to be quite a messy worker, so whether he’s working on an exciting innovation or simply making a  sandwich, he never cleans up after himself. Iron Man, on the other hand, fixes it all. He can clean the Stark Labs up in no  time. He is quick on his feet and knows exactly where everything goes. He is indeed a superhero.


Thor is a hammer-wielding God with the power to control thunder and lightning. He can create quite a mess. When fighting evil, he can’t be worrying about the mess, but somebody needs to clean it up. During his spare time, he says he uses his hammer like a big broom. Not sure how he does it, but we’ll take his word for it. He definitely does a great job as the day after each fight it always looks clean.

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The greatest soldier there is with amazing strength and the tenacity to fix all problems with ease. Yes, that includes cleaning as well. His outfit is always clean and his shield sparkling. Even after a long day of avenging he ensures his home is always sparkling. He’s quite the expert at it. That’s to be expected though, he has been doing it for the last 100 years…!


You didn’t expect him to be very clean did you? Well, that’s understandable. He does go through fits of rage and turn green after all. Bruce Banner however is a completely different story. According to him, you can’t be a scientist in a messy lab! As a result, he cleans everything from his desk to his test tubes outstandingly clean. Even Tony couldn’t find a single speck of dirt!

That’s not surprising, he claims to use a special cleaning product he produced using his ingenuity. Let’s hope he shares it with us at some point! We certainly know of a few housekeepers in Queens Park who would appreciate the support!