How to add holiday breaks and other time off work onto the calendar


If  you are planning to take some time off work, you should do the following:

Inform all your regular customers about the dates and times that you will be not working

1. Go to My calendar

  • Desktop:

  • Phone:

2. Reschedule or cancel the sessions that were meant to happen during your time-off. Click here to see how


3. Click on the first day of your holiday break and select to Add Time off Work

  • Desktop:


  • Phone:



4. If you are going on holiday or have an appointment, select once as Frequency


5. Choose the date and time when you will start your holiday and the date and time when your holiday will finish

  • Desktop:


  • Phone:


If you have registered to a regular activity, you should select Mon to Fri, if it happens from Monday to Friday , Weekly or Fortnightly in Frequency

If you already know when this regular activity will finish, go to the date when the activity is meant to end and delete all future sessions. Click here to see how

Keeping your calendar up to date is important because:

It makes sure that all reminders to your customers are sent in their due time.

You do not lose any job because customers do not see your current availability.