Summer Checklist


School’s out, the kids are off and travels in. Vacation beckons and there’s mayhem in the house. It’s easy to let chores slide. This season comes around only once a year after all.

Don’t let things pile up though. It’s much easier to keep things running on schedule with a few simple tricks. Organisation is key.

1. Prepare the first-aid kit! With the kids at home, you never know what to expect. Small medical emergencies involving scrapes and bruises are inevitable. Make sure, the medicine cabinet is all stocked up. Dispose of any expired medicine and make sure that there is a healthy supply of bandages and hot/cold packs to last you this summer holiday season.

2. Plan ahead for vacation: Start making a list of all the essentials for you vacation. Last minute fumbling about often means forgetting something important. The more prepared you are, the better your vacation.

3. Look around for a babysitter: Babysitters are in high demand during this time period. So, the earlier you start looking the better the chance for you to find someone compatible. Oh, and don’t forget to prepare an emergency contact list for your babysitter to help them out!

4. Plan something fun and productive: Rather than sitting around the house, plan something fun for the family. Day trips to amusement parks, signing up the kids for sport and leisure activities can both be a good experience for the family. Why not kill two birds with one stone. Enjoy yourselves and get rid of all the clutter by holding a garage sale!

5. Get prepared for the Fall As fun as Summer is, it must end sometime. Start thinking about the future. Get your furnace maintenance over with and be prepared for the cold weather to come.