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A different way to study


The school term is back as is studying, memorising and reciting. My older children have a high disdain for study, they don’t like to memorise things. They often tell me if they hear a term and can associate it with something else (to develop a meaning) then they will remember it, even more, come test time. I disagree but right or wrong, I believe children should develop their own methods of studying from an early age. As an over-involved home carer, I try to intervene as much as possible so with my younger one. Home is after all the first place a child starts their education. I have found it easier to help him remember his spelling words by using telly commercials (about 3 minutes) as a time to study.

Please do not crucify me! Yes, I know three minutes is not enough, but I use this method in addition to the studying my child has done on his own. We all have our ways, and I have found that my child is more attentive when he knows telly time will be cut short if he cannot spell and define a word correctly. Yes, I know teachers don’t always require the definition but as I stated earlier I like to intervene, and I believe my home is the best place for enrichment. No point in knowing how to spell if you can’t apply the word when you actually need to.

What is my method you might ask? Well, it is simple, in-between commercials my son has to choose three words from a pile, spell, define, and use it in a sentence. Why during commercials, well I found it was the only creative way I could think of to keep his mind actively engaged with his school work while he was idle.

Some of the benefits of my method are:

  • It develops their vocabulary
  • It helps a child to think on their feet
  • It helps them to make associations
  • It also helps them to enhance their writing skills

Give it a try and send us feedback.


Note: This method can also be applied when your child is learning their times-table and when you are doing something with your child around the home. This blog claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Pictures on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners