A Peek into the Royal Childcare


Duchess Catherine and Prince William are welcoming their third royal baby. While they are busy taking care of the newborn prince, it’s a good time for us to peek into their ways of taking care of children.

Communication is key

The royal parents make sure that their children start networking when they are young. If the parents are away. They dedicate time for royal kids to interact and play with each other. If they are away, the royal nanny will be the one to talk and tell stories to little princes and princesses.


All royal mothers are required to breastfeed their royal babies. This is of course for the health of the babies. Even the Queen has breastfed her babies!

No nappies

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? The English royal family doesn’t use disposable nappies but fabric ones. This might be because they have time and effort to wash nappies and because this is a more eco-friendlier choice.

No trousers

Royal children only wear shorts until they are 8.  Well, you might ask:

-What if it snowed? -Royal children only wear shorts.

-What if they were sick? -Royal children still wear shots.

-What if they went skiing? -Well, they wear shorts inside ski pants.