After-school activities


After sitting in a classroom all day learning different subjects and sticking to a strict schedule, after-school activities was the release I looked forward to. I loved after-school activities as a child, and my kids do too. Watching them learn to build self-assurance, confidence and articulate themselves or problem solve while working with a team are some of the added benefits of after-school activities whether it be drama, sports or a math club. After-school activities help children the discover areas they would not be drawn inside of a classroom. Here are some activities to consider for your child:

Library Reading Club

Library’s offer various opportunities for children one, in particular, are there reading clubs. The programs encourage children to enjoy reading and give them opportunities to be outside of their comfort zone and drawn into a different world that’s helps them to understand concepts from a different point of view. Reading programs also give students who struggle with reading a chance to better their literary skills.

Team Sports

Sports such as football, rugby, and netball each require children to work as a team to achieve a common goal. Through sports, your child will learn time management and leadership, and it helps to develop self-esteem. There is also the added benefit of having and feeling supported by their mates both on and off the field.

Join the scouts

The scouts have dedicated years to ensuring children are well-equipped to survive anywhere in the world. Scouting is a combination of fun and discipline. Children learn to take on responsibility, gain confidence, resilience and go on adventures that reinforce what they have learned. They even learn practical skills such as cooking and first aid.

Explore the arts

The arts are a fantastic way for your children to develop motor skills, make decisions and even gain cultural awareness. Dance, music, and drama introduce children to a new way of seeing and understanding the world. Growing up I was not the best math or science student, but volunteering with a theatrical stage crew helped me reinforce the skills I lacked. I often had to calculate measurements and solve other issues at hand. Understanding the colour spectrum came in handy when lighting a stage and deciding which lighting fixture would reflect better against certain backdrops. The arts inadvertently helped me to concentrate and comprehend things through engagement.

Afterschool activities can also be done inside the home. Do not feel compelled to spend a lot of money just so your children can have the same experiences. Parents, you can create activities such as doing improv or a scavenger hunt or even creating science projects. With a bit of brainstorming, there are an ample amount of activities you can come up to keep your children engaged.


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