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Back to school routines


School is now back in session, and I don’t know about other households but this morning required a bit of extra effort. My little school goers dislike waking up, but I made sure my home was set up and ready for their day. Routines are an excellent way to lower childhood anxiety and encourage organisation and self-assurance. So today we present a bedtime and early riser routine that we love to use with our children because face it, no one likes to wake up early, but it is a must.

Start by pushing bedtime back five to ten minutes one week to a month before the start of the school year that way your child’s body clock gradually starts to adapt.

Be sure to prep the night before by

Packing the rucksacks

Packing your child’s backpack the night before saves time during their morning routine and ensures your child will have the needed materials to succeed in school. Once their bag is packed leave it next to their door so they can pick it up as soon as they are ready to walk out of your home.

Picking out their clothes 

Having your child hang up their uniform the night before allows a stress-free morning and even the possibility for you both to get a few more minutes of sleep. Also, your child’s sense of responsibility is reinforced. Be sure to check the weather the night before so that your child is ready for possible early morning rain showers.

Playing the jammies (pyjamas) game 

I have been playing this game for a while now. Time how fast your child/children can get dressed, each night tally the child who can get on their night garments and into bed first, by the end of the week the child with the most points receives some incentive (extra tv time). If you have one child, you can still make it a competition by timing it and having them improve on their time each night until it is perfected.


Note: Adding rewards to routines can help a child understand the importance of getting activities done in a timely fashion offering them a sense of responsibility and the bonus of having more time to do other activities. This blog claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners.