Bath toys should be cleaned too


Your child could be soaking in a tub full of bacteria. After a few weeks of use your child’s bath toys can be covered in mould and mildew and once bath toys get mould in them it is very difficult to get the mould out. We have two beneficial ways to limit this disgusting growth.

Purchase a bath net

After every bath squeeze excess water out of toys as much as possible and place in the bag to drain further.

Deep Clean

After three weeks of your child playing with bath toys, it is time to clean them. Fill a bucket of hot soapy water and give the bath toys a deep clean (scrub with a toothbrush). Then place the toys in a 50/50 mixture of fresh water and white vinegar. Squeeze the toys, so they soak up the vinegar water and leave overnight then squeeze the water out of the toys, rinse them off and let them air dry in the bath net.

Please Note: A bleach solution should not be used to wash squirty toys as it’s difficult to rinse thoroughly out of the inside of the toys and would then pose a danger to your child. If squirty toys don’t come clean with a vinegar and soap solution, then they need discarding.