Getting motivated to maintain a tidy space


The autumn season marks a season of change in our environment and within us. The cooler weather can cause us to want to hurry inside and get under the covers making the chance to tidy up slip from occasionally into a regular habit. Getting motivated to clean and keep a tidy home can be a struggle, but you can combat it with several strategies.

  1. Set a 10-minute alarm and see how much you can get done within that time.
  2. Hire someone to clean your home that way you can do more enjoyable things.
  3. Create a schedule, they keep you on track, and your house will stay mess free.
  4. Listen to music, a podcast, an audiobook and open the windows or turn on a fan while you work.
  5. Promise yourself a reward. After cleaning, I am usually exhausted but not too tired to award myself for a job well done.

Keeping your house clean does not have to be overwhelming. All it takes is a little trial and error to figure out what inspires you to keep your home spotless.