Getting rid of the September blues


September is basically the New Year of fall, the kids go back to school, so your home is quieter, some may have just returned from a sunny vacation and are now battling with the cooler weather, the workload at home and the office doubles, the days are much shorter, and the weather calls for a jacket. According to doctors, stress levels and depression heighten, and you might just feel stuck. Don’t worry there are a few things you can do to rid these blues.

No routine, no time

Time and routines bound us to our responsibility and often times too much of it cause us to feel overwhelmed. I love making lists they make me look forward to conquering my day but once in a while I like to ditch the routine and turn off all the clocks and just go with the flow. So, my advice to you, try going a day without following a schedule or paying attention to the clock, do things on your time. You will enjoy it, and stress levels will fall significantly.

Do like Bruno Mars and have a lazy day.

Have a day where you do nothing or close to nothing. Celebrity Bruno Mars did it while “working” in the studio one day and ended up creating a song about it that topped the charts and sold over six million copies. What’s my point, take a day for yourself, make it constructive or just relax. Here’s an idea, book a hotel stay overnight, order room service, go to a spa or get a scalp rub and just enjoy time with you. Throughout the day you’ll be repeating the meme.

Disclaimer: I recommend making sure your home is kept together, and your family is sorted before engaging in this activity or lack thereof.

Create concrete goals

My last advice on beating the blues is to create new goals. As I stated before September is autumn’s New Year. It is a month that calls for reflection, new ideas, hope and courage. Take this September to jot down some new personal and professional goals and actively work towards them. They don’t need to be massive or time-based, remember time adds stress so just create three things you would like to accomplish and work towards them.

Reorganise to create harmony 

When the blues hit, try reorganising your home in sections. Organising can really limit stress, reduce clutter and make you feel accomplished. You can even invite a friend to help you with your cleaning project. Once you have finished it, you will feel as though your balance has been equalised and harmony is back in your home.

I hope these ideas help you overcome this month with triumph and that you are able to continue this year with a fresher outlook. As always, we love to hear from you.

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