Getting the best from your cleaner


The key to making the most of your professional cleaning service is building a good relationship with your cleaner. Housekeepers give their best when there is a clear understanding of requirements and there is a genuine respect for the cleaning work that they do.

1. Set requirements and communicate

Every home, household and cleaner are different. Requirements vary so the same cleaner providing the same service may delight one customer but not meet another’s expectations. Therefore, it is really important to communicate your requirements clearly. For example, you may want your granite worktops cleaned with a certain product or your wood floors swept rather than hoovered.

2. Prioritise

Most of us book a few hours on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Doing a deep clean of the whole house in any one session is unrealistic. However, if you prioritise certain tasks each week, you can have all the difficult cleaning jobs done over a period of time. For example, you can ask your cleaner to do oven cleaning one week or inside cupboard and drawers the next week etc. As well as getting your normal domestic clean, you can also get difficult areas deep cleaned. It also shows an interest in your cleaner’s work and helps keep them motivated.

3. Listen to your cleaner

Cleaners are professionals that take pride in their work. They want to provide the best service to their customers and they might need your help to do so. For example, they may request new micro-fibre cloths or limescale remover or advise that your old vacuum cleaner may need replacing. You will get the best value from your cleaning service by listening to your cleaner and respecting their work.

We, at Tidy Choice, want you to make the most out of your cleaning sessions, and we hope we’ve brought you useful tips this week.

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