Great ways to teach your kids to be tidy


Having a tidy home can be a challenge when you have children running around with their toys all over the house. That time is the ideal time to show your kids that the house shouldn’t be messy and that they can do a lot about that. All they need is a little motivation and a reason to learn something more.

You are the head of the house

You child looks you with admiration because you are a hero in their eyes. You are making them meals, giving them kisses and hugs, making them happy or comforting them when they are sad. When they need something they go to you.  That means that you are their role model and that means that they will copy you in everyday situations. Due to that, make sure that they observe you while you are cleaning the house and you will see that they will start to do the same with their toys.

Make a schedule for chores

It is easier to do chores when you develop a habit around them. Those chores can be a part of your daily routine, for example, before dinner. Choose one part of your day for chores and stick to it. It will help you organize the next day when you have a schedule, and it will help your children to adjust to the fact that they have to make time to help their parents with tidying up. You can also give each child something else to do, but that is completely up to you.

Show your child the importance of a tidy home

Before you can expect from your child to start cleaning, you have to talk about it. Show your child how the house is pretty and tidy when everything it where it has to be. You can start with the kid’s room since your children probably spend most of their time there. Teach your children how to put away their toys when they won’t play with them anymore and they will realize that you are right.

Start with simple chores

Allow your child to start from scratch. Offer help in cleaning the toys, then eventually move away and let your child do the work. When the toys are in their place, you can offer your child something more complicated, but still, focus on the room. That can be cleaning the dust or making the bed. Another easy chore is changing the pillowcase. It is important to start small.

You have to keep in mind that teaching your children how to be tidy is a process which will last for some time. The most important thing is that you have to make it a fun activity or they will run away from it like crazy. Remember, kids will be kids!

Author bio:

The post is made by Mark, a foosball player and a blogger who has a blog about foosball called the Foosball Zone. He has decided to get a mini foosball table for his kids, but with one condition. They have to learn how to maintain it. Now, after few weeks, his kids are playing on well maintained mini table football because they realize the importance of keeping their belonging in the best conditions.