Housekeeping habits you should quit right now


London is one of the busiest cities in the world and, let’s face it, we don’t always have enough time to stay at home and clean up the messy clutter we pile up. Our lack of time makes us take short-cuts and get into some bad housekeeping habits we should all quit.

1. Randomly putting things in a “junk drawer”

Do you remember that drawer where you dump everything in and then you cannot find what you need? Well, yes, that’s a “junk drawer”. In order to avoid wasting time looking for something, keep loose items such as buttons and screws in small plastic bags or boxes and label things so you can easily tell what and where they are.

2. Laundry procrastination until the last pair of socks

This is a hard habit to break. We all tend to put off the laundry until we can’t put it off anymore, then it costs us a lot of time doing all the washing at the same time. As a matter of fact, make a new rule: Tackle your dirty laundry as soon as you can wash one load. This will help you never run out of clean clothes again and your time will be better allotted.

3. Throwing clothes on a chair rather than putting them away

Most of us, when we get back home, tend to throw our clothes on a chair hoping that they can magically fly back in our closet or dresser on their own before using them again. We know that’s impossible and we will need to tidy it later on anyway, so why not making a rule that nothing is allowed to stay on the chair overnight?

It’s all about being organised and following simple housekeeping rules to save you time.