How to guide your kids to organise their toys


Kids don’t usually organise their things. They pick up their toys and throw them away everywhere. As parents, helping your kids to be organised is not hard as long as you’ve done all the basic works. Here are some tips to help your children get their toys oragnised.

Categorise Toys By Small Boxes

Prepare small boxes for your kids and guide them to put different toys into different boxes. Color-coded boxes can be a better idea as children are more sensitive to colors than to texts. You can start with organising toys together with your kids. After some time, they will gradually form a habit of categorising their toys even if they are by themselves.

Put Boxes in The Right Place

You will want to avoid putting boxes in hard-to-reach places for kids. The easier your kids reach the boxes, the more possible they will put their toys in the right place. Places like the living room, kids’ bedrooms, and the front yard are all ideal locations.

Keep Your House Organised

Kids are good imitators and parents are their best models. If you keep yourself and your house clean and organised, your kids are more likely to follow you and organise their own things. Regularly decluttering your wardrobe and cleaning your storage rooms will help you keep an organised home.

Enjoy organising with your kids!