How to keep the kids entertained this Christmas


Keeping the children entertained during the Christmas holidays can be stressful, especially when juggling festive preparations. On top of that, with the children off from school, maintaining a clean house can seem almost impossible!

We have come up with four activities that are sure to keep your children busy for hours and keep your home tidy!


Get creative

From making their own Christmas home decorations, to designing their own Christmas cards, arts and crafts can be a great way to get your children in a festive mood and nurture their creativity.

As a parent, I know that arts and crafts can seem like a nightmare if you are trying to keep your house clean and tidy for visiting friends and family. Visions of paint splodges on the carpets and fingerprints on the walls can easily put us off. However, it is key children have a creative outlet and I have found that it does not have to be a messy activity. Instead of stocking up on paint and glitter, why not try simple designs that make use of materials you have around the house, such as paper plate angels or cupcake case Christmas trees.


Donate old toys

Whilst you are doing your own pre-Christmas declutter, why not get the children involved and encourage them to donate their old toys to charity.

Christmas is the season of giving and receiving and it can be a great time to teach your child the value of charity. Over the holidays, they will receive lots of new toys and their old, unused ones will continue to gather dust and waste space. Get the children involved in choosing which toys they no longer want and turn giving into a fun activity by encouraging them to imagine the little boy or girl their old toys will make happy.


Get out and about

Snuggling up on the sofa and watching a Christmas movie can be a great and relaxing way to keep the children entertained, but sometimes getting out of the house can be more exciting.

Explore the Christmas events in your local area, from markets to ice-skating. Many of the events are on throughout the school holidays and so this is the perfect activity to do once the excitement of Christmas day has passed and the children are beginning to get bored. If in London, why not visit Leicester Square Christmas market or treat you children to a fun-filled day at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland! Getting out and about will keep the children active and the house tidy!


Bake festive treats 

On a cold and rainy afternoon, when the children are restless, why not get baking?

Baking is fun and exciting for children. It is a great way for them to experiment, be creative and learn about measurements. There are lots of festive recipes to try, from the more traditional gingerbread men, to reindeer cupcakes and sweet Santa hats. There is no need to be put off by the mess, if you make sure the children are also involved in the washing up! Use the time the festive treats are baking to play a game of who can tidy up the quickest. However, if the mess of baking is still off-putting, why not buy some plain gingerbread men or cupcakes and get the kids decorating instead!