Is your home ready for Christmas?


With Christmas less than three weeks away, festive preparations can seem daunting. How do you get your home ready in time for visiting friends and family?

To enjoy a stress-free Christmas, we have compiled our top six ways to get your home clean and ready for this festive season. These quick and easy tips will leave you with plenty of time to relax and enjoy the festivities with your loved ones.


1. Make a great first impression

To make a great first impression greet your guests with a welcoming, clean and clutter-free hallway.

Begin by clearing clutter from the hallway, such as coats, umbrellas and shoes. This will not only create a clean and open entrance but will importantly make space for your guest’s extra coats and shoes.

Shoes are often the biggest culprit for bringing dirt and mud into the house. To keep your home clean invest in a new outdoor mat. Why not buy a Christmas mat to help give your guests a festive welcome!


2. Declutter your house to prepare for the Xmas clutter

Make space for the tree, presents and decorations by having a pre-Christmas declutter!

Focus on the kitchen and the living room where people spend most time.

Clean out your cupboards by throwing out old tins and food items you’ve collected throughout the year. Wipe the insides of the cupboards so that they are fresh and clean for all your Christmas treats.

Tackle the piles of mail, magazines and paper that have accumulated over the year.  You will be surprised at the difference clean and tidy surfaces can make!


3. Tackle the fridge

Remember to give your fridge a clean, before it is filled with your festive treats.

Empty out your fridge and throw away any food that is past its use-by date. This will help you create much needed space.

Take out the removable shelves and drawers and wash these separately in warm, soapy water. This will make it easier to thoroughly wipe down the interior of the fridge.  After drying and replacing the shelves, remember to reset the temperature.

Keeping your fridge organised is also essential. Don’t forget the bottom shelves are usually the coldest, so this is the perfect place to keep your turkey and other Christmas meats before cooking. Whilst condiments such as cranberry sauce are best kept in the fridge door.


4. Clean your kettle 

Whether you are entertaining guests or simply having a cosy night in with the family, many cups of tea and coffee are going to be made over this festive season. So, of course, the last thing you want is for your kettle to be full of limescale.

You can remove limescale with shop-bought descaling products. Be sure to rinse out the kettle thoroughly before use.

However, if you are looking for a cheap and eco-friendly alternative, why not try using white vinegar or lemon juice?

Fill up your kettle with equal amounts of white vinegar and water, or if using lemon juice, use 30g of juice and 500ml of water. It is best to then leave the kettle to soak for a few hours or overnight. Once it has finished soaking, tip out the water and wipe down the inside of the kettle. Make sure that you thoroughly rinse out the kettle before making any cups of tea!


5. Get your oven ready 

Get your oven sparkling clean before cooking your delicious Christmas dinner.

There are plenty of oven cleaning products out there. However, Oven Pride is great if your oven and oven trays need a deep, thorough clean. Regardless of what product you use, always make sure to wear rubber gloves and carefully follow the instructions.

Don’t forget to also clean your roasting trays and polish those wine glasses and champagne flutes!


6. Decorate your home!

Once all of the essentials have been cleaned and the house is decluttered, it is time to deck the halls! Put on some Christmas music, get the kids involved and decorate the house.

Our Christmas decorations spend most of the year in dusty attics and garages. So, remember to check if your baubles need a quick wipe or dusting before putting them on the tree.

If you are buying a real tree this year, make sure you remember to water it regularly, as this will ensure it stays healthy and will help keep your flooring free from pine needles!