Plant-Based Laundry Detergents


Hello all,

Here at TidyChoice we know everyone is not as easily swayed to change their laundry routine. Up until recently, I was a die-hard Ariel and Lenor fan, but as with everything all good things come to an end and in my household that was the case for those two products. Last week Fri-YAY I promised to post some plant-based alternative laundry detergents that could be used in place of commercial brands as well as to avoid the chore of creating your detergent. Below is a mini infographic I created that briefly provides the benefits of plant-based detergent as well as a few names you can try out, each will help to add to your cleaner, greener home.

If you are someone who enjoys cleaning with chemical free products or has just started to develop an interest in natural products the ones listed below would be a great addition to your home and greener lifestyle not to mention our TidyChoice cleaners would be more than happy to cleanse your home with products they too can benefit.

I will be sure to find some fabric conditioners to add to this list so be on the lookout and I will also provide a recipe for creating your very own fabric conditioner which is easier to create than laundry detergent but will still offer the same benefit.

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