Reasons to deep clean this autumn


Deep cleaning seems to be a dwindling tradition, 85% of Brits believe deep cleaning tradition is waning yet more than 50% of Brits still do a yearly deep clean and other surveys have revealed an increase in hiring professionals to assist with household tasks. Although some seem disinterested in doing a deep clean, experts say it is an  essential way to avoid winter flu bugs and colds. Fabrics in our homes can be a haven for germs, bacteria, mould and mites. A few ways to achieve a healthier winter:

Freshen Your Sheets 

Bedding tends to hold a lot of dead skin cells, sweat, dirt and sometimes even bugs. A YouGov poll found, one in 20 of us wash our sheets every four weeks, and more than a third wait 14 days. Good quality sleep is a great way to prevent winter viruses so clean your duvets and pillows once a week by washing them at 60° Celsius to destroy bacteria. Additionally, you can run a hot iron over pillowcases on the cotton setting 200° C to kill any leftover bacteria.

Renew Your Air 

During the colder months, our windows are bolted until the following spring. This autumn/winter release stale air by opening up your windows and ventilating your home, central heating and closed windows invite dust mites, bacteria and mould. Don’t forget to wash your windows as well – sill, frame, curtains and blinds included.

Wipe It Down

Use an anti-bacterial cleanser to wipe everything down every surface, nook and cranny – doorknobs, counters, appliances included. If it is used every day, wipe it down. Although, extremely time-consuming your walls are an additional area you want to consider and since you would be opening up your windows you should defiantly make an honest effort to clear your walls of pollution and dander.

Trap the Allergens 

They always say to hoover your carpet to trap allergens but before winter arrives hire or purchase a rug doctor or any professional cleaner to limit or kill E.coli and other bacteria as well as bugs beneath the rug.

We know how important it is to have a clean space along with the practical benefits a clean home provides stress relief, better breathing and makes you feel better. This autumn take some time out to sort your home so you and your family can be healthy and virus free.

Note: If you suffer from allergies invest in an air purifier it will help to trap allergens and recirculated cleaner air into a room. Additionally, your bedding should consist of synthetic pillows and duvets. This blog claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners.