Simple way to keep the insects away


As we near the end of summer families and friends are hosting their final barbecues, day parties and gatherings. Here at TidyChoice we aim to bring you the most exciting tips and tricks to help you keep your home pest free. As a mother of three I like to keep my home a safe haven and with that comes the responsibility of removing unwanted guest that visit the home unannounced. Gnats and fruit flies are the most annoying guests ever to visit my home. Not even my kids tracking mud into the home comes close, and that is pretty high on my list.

Recently, the UK weather has been HOT which is perfect for these tiny pests to multiply. I typically rely on traps and sprays to rid them but have cut back to create a more chemical free home environment for the kids. Below is my new go-to method to keep the little guys away.

AVC Fly Trap


What You’ll Need:

                                   ACV (£8)                                                                 Cling Film (£1.50)                                                    Dish Soap (£2)

  • Water
  • A Jar, Cup or Bowl
  • Fork/Knife/Toothpick



Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has so many proven benefits. For this organic method simply:

  1. Pour equal parts ACV & warm water into an empty dish
  2. Add 8-10 drops of dish soap (I have used Fairy)
  3. Stir the concoction
  4. Seal and secure the top with plastic wrap and rubber bands
  5. Poke holes in the plastic wrap with a fork or toothpick
  6. Place in an area where they have concentrated

The gnats and fruit flies are naturally attracted to ACV, and the Dish Soap will be their demise.


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If you have any tips on how to remove gnats and fruit flies let us know below. Until then see you next week.