The Ultimate Laundry Guide: Infographics


Laundry is one of those repetitive tasks that most people have to do at least once a week as a part of our household chores. Unlike other domestic cleaning activities, washing one’s clothes has, for a relatively long time, become quite automated with the help of washing machines. Nonetheless, humanity is still far from the point where machines can dictate when our clothes have to be washed and how our clothes should be washed for us. It is still up to us to decide how frequent our clothes, bedding, curtains, and towels are to be cleaned. Annoyingly, we are also still required to choose the adequate washing cycle and temperature for each of the things requiring cleaning.

This week, TidyChoice’s blog shares an amazing infographic with our readers which provides useful tips on how and when to wash “everything” that you own. We have also had some great input from our professional cleaners based in Kilburn and our housekeeping specialists from Archway. 

If, like me, laundry is not your strong point, this guide can be extremely useful for you. Alternatively, we invite self-identified washing experts to have a look at this infographic to test how much you really know. Do you agree with the tips written here? If not, why don’t you leave a comment below?

Happy washing!