Cleaning up London

Tips to beat the summer depression


Coming into summer, you might feel a little bit drowsy and unaccountably agitated. Don’t be too worried. Here are some ways to calm you down.

Clean your home

Dusting your house, hand-washing your clothes, decluttering your wardrobe, and buying some fresh food are the best remedies. While cleaning your house, you are also cleaning your minds and diverting your attention away from the heat.


Although it might be hot outside, open your window and let in some fresh air. Take a deep breath and feel the air in your lung. Exhaling and inhaling deeply can induce tranquility.

Declutter your minds

You can start by playing some soft music. Pleasant music can help cool your minds down. Try to clear your minds by writing down unfinished tasks. Prioritize the most important things and let go the least important ones. And don’t forget to breathe!


Happy summer!