4 Great back-to-school cleaning tips


As stationery and uniforms take over the aisles of supermarkets, the realisation is starting to set in that the summer holidays are nearing a close. With only a handful of weeks to go before your early mornings involve frantic morning drop-offs and journeys to work, one dreaded task may be on your mind. The post summer clean up. 

While it was fun to enjoy the days with your children at home, the time has come to get your home shipshape before you are back to your familiar routine. Here we give some great cleaning tips before your kids head off back to school.

Get organised

It’s normal for kids to ask for a lot of things before they go back to school. New shoes, lunchboxes, jumpers and stationery are just some of the many demands that children make at this time of year. 

But before buying anything new for your children, check what they already have. Any worn out clothes or supplies can be thrown away but be sure not to buy items that your children simply don’t need. Once you have reviewed and cleaned out the unwanted items you can head out to buy the exact things that they require to avoid your home becoming cluttered.

Remove stubborn stains

Giving your children access to colour pencils, crayons and paint is a great way for them to explore their creative side during the summer holidays. But sometimes they can take it too far and before long your painted home can end up redecorated!

Marks from colour pencils and crayons can easily be taken care of using baking soda. Add two tablespoons of baking soda to a small amount of water and delicately wipe down the marks using a damp cloth. Such marks require next to no effort at all. For paint marks cleaning erasers can do the trick. This cleaner is great for tough wall marks and only requires you to gently rub against the mark using a little bit of water.

Clean up those outdoor toys 

During the summer break, it is easy to spend the day with your children outside playing with their outdoor toys. Toys such as swings, paddling pools, sandpits and playhouses are all great ways in which you can fill up time with your children. But once the summer holidays are over it can be easy to forget to clean them. 

Though it is appealing to simply place these toys back into your shed or garage you expose yourself to a needless flare-up with your children next summer when they cannot immediately play with their favourite toys. Cleaning your children’s outdoor toys doesn’t require much effort from you at all. In fact a wipe down using a bleach solution and a quick spray of water from your garden hose is all it would take for most toys. 

Don’t forget about your car

Your car can take a beating during the summer holidays. Without noticing your car can quickly become a giant landfill full of clutter, food wrappers, bottles and toys courtesy of your little ones. 

With very little time left before those mad school runs begin again, giving your car the once over should definitely be on the priority list. While visiting a car wash or using a valet service may be preferable, you could always save a few pennies by cleaning your car at home.  A pressure washer along with any car wash shampoo would take care of the outside while a good hovering inside should enable you get your car back to how it should be.

And there you have it, some great cleaning tips for you to remember before your kids head back to school. We hope that they come in handy during the next few weeks. To ensure that your home is clean during the schooling months you could always book a housekeeping professional who would be happy to cater to all of your needs.