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6 Essential cleaning products you cannot live without


House cleaning should be simple and not be turned into an art form with specialised products for every single cleaning job. With a bewildering array of easy cleaning products on supermarket shelves, it is easy to buy products that you will hardly ever use.

In this post, we bring cleaning back to its basics.

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 We simplify matters by listing only the essential cleaning products that you cannot live without. 

1) Multi-surface cleaner

A powerful all-round product that works we

ll as both a bathroom cleaner and kitchen cleaner. As well as cutting through kitchen grease on hobs, draining boards, worktops and bins, it can be used to clean baths, taps, sinks, toilet seats and shower screens. The solution kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses and leaves behind a refreshing fragrance.


2) Washing-up liquid

As well as washing your dishes, washing-up liquid is an incredibly useful cleaning product. Washing-up liquid can be used in a variety of ways around your home to help you keep a clean home. It can be used for spot-treating most fabrics to erase stains. It can also be used to clean your kitchen and bathroom floors by simply adding a few drops of washing-up liquid into a bucket of warm water. It is also useful to de-grime patio furniture and wipe down outdoor tables and chairs. 


3) Anti-bacterial wipes 

This product is proven to kill at least 99.999% of germs including Norovrius, flu, and MRSA. The wipes can be used for general cleaning of utensils or equipment as well as kid toys or dusting around home décor. You can also get alcohol free and bleach free too which could also be used on medical devices. This is a fast-acting product and is quite handy for on-the-go routines as well. It is a great product to improve hygiene especially if you have kids in the home.


4) Microfibre cloth

Microfibre cloths are useful for all surfaces, from cleaning eye glasses to window g

lass panels and much more. They are ultra-soft cloths made from fine microfibre that pick-up dust and minimises any surface scratching.  The multi-use ability of this product allows to be used for several cleaning processes as well as on dry and wet surfaces. 


5) Floor cleaner

For hard or tiled floors, you could use washing-up liquid and warm water as described above. For wood or laminate flooring you will need a specialist product. It will not just clean the floors but also helps maintain the aesthetic beauty of wood floors. Other specific floor cleaners to suit the floor type you have in your home can help you properly clean floors. Granite and marble floor cleaners could be used depending on type of flooring in your home.


6) Toilet Cleaner

For proper cleaning of your toilet you will find this product quite handy. Toilet cleaners are efficient in removing stains build up as well as cleans your toilet bowl for future flushes and kills 99.9% of germs. It is also effective with cleaning of toughest stains including lime scale and rust. With this product at your disposal your home toilets will be smelling fresh and clean of unhealthy germs.

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We hope this simplies your cleaning tasks. And feel free to throw your suggestions and feedback on any other topic you read of ours. We love hearing your suggestions and happy cleaning. 

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