Childproofing Your Kitchen


Most households contain a myriad range of items which are potentially dangerous for small children. Among all the rooms in a typical home, the kitchen is one of the least safe due to the presence of knifes, hot items, and hazardous cleaning products. Today, TidyChoice’s blog provides readers with a list of ways to make your kitchen safer for your babies and toddlers:

  1. Keep pots and pans’ handles away from the counter’s edges when cooking
    • This is to prevent your child from toppling the hot cooking materials and burning themselves.
  2. Turn off kitchen appliances when not in use
    • This further minimises the risk of burns.
  3. Lock up knives, other sharp items and cleaning agents in cupboards or away from your child’s reach
    • To prevent cuts from knives or harms caused by the dangerous cleaning agents, it is best to not allow your child access to these items in the first place.
  4. Do not cover your tables with tablecloths that can be pulled by your child
    • Table cloths can be easily pulled down, and when this happens, they may also bring with them other items on the table that may fall on your child and cause injuries.
  5. Cook on the area of the stove which is not easily reached by the child
    • Like the first point, this is to avert burns.

These tips do not cover all precautions that could be taken. However, they should help you start childproofing your kitchen and make your house a safer place for your young ones to roam around.