Feng Shui Basics for a More Harmonious Chinese New Year


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that emphasises the importance of your surroundings in determining various aspects of your life, including your mental and physical health, success, relationships, and prosperity. Your home and how it is decorated are key to your life’s improvement.

The first step to increasing the flow of positive energy around your house is the removal of clutters. Through removing things that you do not use and making your home more spacious, you are removing obstacles that prevent chi from flowing freely around your residence. Moreover, as a byproduct of your de-cluttering labour, your house will look cleaner and tidier.

To introduce further positive energy into your home, allow your house to receive more fresh air and natural light. Make use of your windows, and open up your curtains a little bit more. Natural lights will help you see things more clearly, while also reducing the need to rely so much on electricity.

Mirrors, when positioned at the right area, can also introduce more brightness in your home. However, be careful that your mirrors do not reflect items that induce negative energy, such as rubbish bins.

If you are more daring or adventurous, consider changing your curtains’ colours or knocking down some walls for more window spaces. Let your creativity guide you. Now you’ll definitely see a larger change in your home.

To bring your home closer to nature, you can also plant some indoor trees. These extra decorations will not only help absorb toxins, but also bring nature closer to you and induce a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Similarly, fountains can induce positive energy in your home by bringing it closer to nature. Moreover, according to Chinese beliefs, flowing water symbolises an inflow of money into your life.

Beyond unity with nature, a Feng-Shui home should also promote the happiness of its owner. Your contentment can be affected by the locations of  items in your home. Make sure that you have at least an object visibly placed in each room which raises your spirits. These could be your favourite paintings, pictures, or other items of sentimental value.

A particular space in your home that everyone should pay particular attention to is their bedroom. Bedrooms are for resting, and they should be furnished accordingly. Items which remind you of your obligations and worries should have no place in such a personal resting space. This means, for example, moving things from work to a different room.

Besides de-cluttering and redecoration, it is also important for broken things inside a house to be fixed or replaced. Allow no room for negative energy to remain in your home, and introduce some positive changes to your life.

The maintenance of positive energy in your home also means that cleaning is a very important part of sustaining a Feng-Shui house. Dust and hoover your home regularly to ensure freshness of your home’s air. Get rid of waste regularly to prevent the build-up of negative energy. Wipe, wash, spray, mop, and complete any other cleaning tasks that ought to be done. Just by doing these daily tasks, your home will already be on its way to attaining high positive energy and achieving overall balance.