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Hack’s for your Child’s Bedroom


School’s about to open and you’re about to enter a world of chaos. No more time for any DIY projects! Maybe it’s about time to give your child’s bedroom the upgrade it deserves.

Here are a few quick and easy ideas that will make the room more fun and exciting!

  1. Blackboard Paint! Give the room a fresh and interesting look by using blackboard paint as a wall feature! This will allow the kids to unleash their creativity all while serving as an organiser for homework or chores!
  1. Create a Picture Wall! Provide your kids with the opportunity to be creative by hanging up their work on the wall! This will help them gain self-confidence while giving a personal touch to their bedroom!
  1. Brighten up with fairy lights! Hanging up fairy lights and accessories greatly brighten up the room! You can add light to the room and give it a new look without having to change the wallpaper!
  1. Get rid of the Clutter! One of the most effective ways to change a room is by re-organising. Get rid of things your child no longer needs and give some thought on how you can store the toys in a clever way. An organised room quite often results in a better behaved and more confident child!

Lastly, regardless of how the room is set up, make sure that the children are proud of their rooms. This gives them a sense of accomplishment and results in well behaved and well organised kids.