Cleaning up London

housekeeper of the week 14 Nov 2017

  • Languages: English, Romanian, Italian 
  • Services: Cleaning, Housekeeping, Childcare 
  • Characteristics: Friendly, Positive, Reliable, Flexible 
  • Location: Romford, Ilford, Dagenham

Congratulations to Alina for being our housekeeper of the week! Originally from Romania, Alina moved to London and has since gained over 8 years of experience in professional housekeeping. As well as providing domestic cleaning services, Alina also provides childcare services and has worked for clients as a personal assistant. If you are looking for cleaning or childcare services in East London, book in with Alina now!

See what her clients have said about her:

"Alina has been our cleaner for over 1 year, she is very reliable, has good standards of work, and a pleasant person to do business with. I would give Alina a 10 for reliability and a 9 for quality of work. "

"Alina is very hard working and very accommodating She is also very reliable "

If you would like to learn more about Alina, you can visit her profile on our website.