Cleaning up London

Housekeeper of the week 17 Jun 2019


  • Language: English, Romanian, Italian 
  • Services: Cleaning and Housekeeping 
  • Characteristics: Punctual, Consistent, Timekeeping 
  • Location: Harringay, Westminster, Fulham, Walthamstow, Crouch End 

Meet Angela- our cleaner of the week! Angela has over 5 years of cleaning and housekeeping experience under her belt and has cleaned both domestically and for large hotels. She loves all things nature and regularly goes on hill walks and runs. Angela is a wonderful choice if you are looking for an ironing service in Harringay or a deep clean in Crouch End

Some reviews left by her lovely clients:

"Angela is a very professional cleaner, her work is always exceptional, she leaves everything spotless."

"Angela is very reliable and trustworthy, I have never had a complaint about her, she works very hard and always on time"

Want to learn more? Check out her profile.