Cleaning up London

Housekeeper of the week 22 July 2019

housekeeper of the week photo
  • Language: English, Lithuanian and Russian
  • Service: Cleaning, Housekeeping 
  • Characteristics: Reliable, Hardworking and Detail-orientated 
  • Location: Stratford, Barking, Woolwich, Ilford 

This week we have chosen Indre as our cleaner of the week! Indre moved to London from Bulgaria in 2006 and has been cleaning for over 8 years- she knows all the tips and tricks! Indre puts her heart and soul into her cleaning and always receives wonderful reviews. In her free time, she enjoys cooking with her family and exploring new places. She is a great choice whether you are looking for a regular cleaner in Barking or an oven cleaner in Woolwich

Take a look at some of her outstanding reviews from her lovely clients: 

"Indre cleans for us for a few years and I have to say she is one of, if not, the best cleaner we have had! She is an absolute pleasure to be around and we are so impressed with how professional she was and how at ease we feel having her in our home. From day 1, she walked into our home with a smile and went straight to work so she has an incredible work ethic and is very thorough with everything she does. We left London and honestly haven’t managed to find anyone who cleans like Indre."

"Indre is very accurate and have high quality of work. Time management and performance always on the top. She is reliable and you can trust her."

Check out her profile today and make a booking with Indre!