How clean is your house?


Have you ever wondered how clean your house is? Well, there is no standard test to check the cleanliness of your house.

It is a very relative term as it depends on the person and how they deem cleanliness. But it is always better to have cleaning standards of your own and to test the house against it.

You need to ensure that your home is clean enough to keep your family in good health. Sometimes we get the feeling of everything being dirty and the need to clean in that case can be super overwhelming!

To make things easy, why not have a checklist of things to clean? We have created a list of tasks to check if your house is actually clean enough! We asked some of the best cleaners in Maida Vale and an experienced housekeeper in Stratford to help us compile this checklist:

You can choose the checklist yourself when cleaning your own home. You can also use it to check that your cleaner is doing a good job. You can hire a cleaner for the things you can’t do yourself. You can check out other cleaning hacks at TidyChoice blog.